In Loving Memory of
Muriel Francis (Moir) Towriss
May 13, 1921 - March 21, 2010



Bonnie's Tribute


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Read By Bonnie

I am standing on the sea shore.
A ship at my side spreads her white
sails to the morning breeze and starts
for the blue ocean She is an object
of beauty and I stand
and watch her until at last she
fades on the horizon.

Then someone at my side says
"There she has gone" -
gone where?
Gone from my sight - that is all.
She is just as large in the mast,
hull and spars as she was
when she left my side. The
diminished size and total loss
of sight is in me and not in her,
and just at that moment when
someone by my side says
"She's gone" others on a distant
shore take up
the glad shout -
"There she comes!"

Bishop Brent
Bishop of the Philippines
1862 - 1929

Read By Sharon

As I sat and watched a caterpillar climb upon a rock,
I wondered what he’d say if he had a chance to talk.
Perhaps he would say “how wonderful it would be if I could fly,
For I would soar above these earthly things to a place up in the sky.
I would dance among the flowers and enjoy the fragrance there,
Then I would flutter off to parts unknown, my wings light upon the air.
I’d fly so high above the trees where only God could see
The freedom that these precious wings had given unto me.
My life would be so beautiful if I had wings to fly,
For I would soar above all earthly things to a place up in the sky.”
Well, this caterpillar moved along and left the rock behind,
Inspired by his vision, he had his destiny in mind.
So he spun himself a small cocoon and with patience waited there
Believing God would find him, he felt safe within his care.
And his faith was soon rewarded on one beautiful sunny morn,
When he woke to find his special wings – this butterfly was born!
Now I couldn’t help but wonder where that caterpillar went,
And should I mourn his passing or celebrate this brave event.
For while it’s true, it’s sad that the caterpillar’s gone,
We know he still is with us as the butterfly lives on.
And so it is with you and me when it comes our time to fly,
Our wings will be there waiting in the blinking of an eye”

Read By Barb

When I think of my MOM two words come to mind
Lovely and Grand so let me take this opportunity to tell you
that all of you look lovely today and what a Grand day it is outside.

There are so many wonderful things I could say about Mom,
but I think my daughter Amanda summed her up the best,
when she said grandma was a confidante, a loving friend
who was non judgmental and always had a compliment for everyone.
She was someone who always looked to the “Sunny Side Of The Street”
one of the many songs she used to sing.

Many of you will remember the cups of tea you shared with her over the years
and the family would love to have you all join us
for her send off tea after the funeral, at Bonnie home it’s about 10 minutes
from here and we have printed directions at the door for you.
If anyone needs a ride we will drop back to the funeral home after the
cemetery and make sure you have one.

Colonel, Sharon, Bonnie, Ken & I have been reminiscing and sharing our memories about MOM!
Sharon reminded us all about her sitting in the rocking chair singing
“It Is No Secret” and I’d like to ask everyone to help us sing it for her now.